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Millions of People in the world lose Weight Most of them include People Running for weight loss.

It has been Proven through Experiments Those people who live a comfortable, and comfortable life and who support most of their work machines and do not walk at all, often suffer from a variety of illnesses and complex diseases.

Dr. James Hill of Colorado University observed 2,000 people and said 49 out of 50 people lost weight on Running They also did other Exercises, But by walking They benefited more.
Many people have confirmed Dr. James Hill’s observation that walking is better for knitting and proportioning the body. The more dynamic you are, the more you will lose weight. Running is more burning than walking.
Running for Weight Loss
Running for Weight Loss

NO 1: What benefits for Running?

  • Walking can Greatly control Heart diseases and Diabetes.
  • The positive impact of walking is one thousand steps daily for health
  • The Japanese walk more and more to keep themselves fit
  • It relieves fatigue and weakness
  • Improves mental and physical health
  • It also has psychological effects
  • Walking reduces depression
  • The mood is also pleasant…
  • Increasing blood circulation in the body
  • Running is also essential for the proper functioning of the heart and arteries
  • Walking also keeps the heartbeat normal.
  • Running at least fifteen minutes a day increases physical energy Tremendously
  • Walking has a positive and positive effect on human health and temperament

Why Is Running daily?
Instead of seven days a week You can lose weight by walking five days, You can also walk an hour a day before the day you want to do. How much you have to walk from Monday to Friday depends on you.

Instead of seven, days a week, you can lose weight by walking five days, You can also walk an hour a day before the day you want to do. How much you have to walk from Monday to Friday depends on you.

Set your own schedule and follow it regularly keeps in mind that just walking for a day or two Will, not Benefit, Diana says that after waking up in the morning, I don’t think at first that I need to brush my teeth, but because I think about walking, it’s important for health.

NO 2: How long should I lose weight?

How long should I lose weight?
How long should I lose weight?

It also depends on you. If you are young and your digestive system is right, you can lose nine kilos in six months. While Diana gains one kilogram each month. If you make a diet or eat less, you may lose weight faster. But maintaining it is nonetheless difficult.

Similarly, the 39-year-old was walking for about an hour, just like Diana. He says he has lost 15 kg in 18 months. There are several ways to lose weight and also lose weight. In this regard, Diana and Talley have a simple way, they walk 45 minutes

How Much time to Running

There has not been any regular research on how long-running a day can lead to weight loss. Dr. James Hill says that I cannot say anything about this fact.

If you ask this question to doctors other than Dr. James Hill, you will get the same answer as walking 45 minutes a day. It is not necessary that you continue for 45 minutes. You can also walk for fifteen minutes.

How fast should I Run?

Slow Running cannot be called walking or Running, Running Means that if you Start on the walk and increase with the following steps with a specific move and speed is specially taken care of, you will definitely get the expected results.

Running doesn’t mean Running fast It is also important that your breath does not flow badly, that if you go the maximum distance in one hour, you will benefit,

People who spend a lot of time walking or just walking at a certain speed (even if you do it daily) to avoid heat and frustration, they have nothing to Gain from Running.

Take some care when Running? For Example,

Set a Morning or Evening Time for a Running At this time, the sun’s heat is low. Choose a place where not too much rush, But Rather comfortable in the environment and the place would also be open Enough for Running on foot.

Keep Running distance short in the early days And gradually increase it so that you don’t feel tired. Running is neither fast nor slow. Run at medium speed so you can travel the maximum distance.

Choose comfortable footwear so that you don’t feel tired. Apply clothing that will make you feel comfortable. Use juice or water before taking a walk Do not eat anything immediately after a walk,

but after a while, eat a light diet. Use water so that in the event of perspiration, the salts that are removed from the body can be eliminated. Do not start work immediately after the walk Rather, work after some rest.

Why Do Eating Care Is Important?

If you Run on a daily basis, it does not mean that you are allowed to eat well Dr. Rip says if you do not care what you are eating, then no exercise and walking Will not Benefit.
Eating the right diet and drinking good water can help you lose weight.

How to make it fun?

If you take your wife with you on foot, the journey will be exciting In addition, two or three friends can walk together.

You do not need to set the same direction when moving. As you continue to change your path, it will create a sense of adventure. In addition to reducing weight by walking, blood pressure is also controlled.

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